To those who are not familiar with Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome, or WHS for short, this is a video of a hog suffering from it. It can be passed down from a parent to their kids, and can sometimes skip generations before showing up again. This is why you should not breed hogs that are not from a reputable breeder. There is no way to check for it and no way to treat it. You can only watch as the hog slowly deteriorates, lose mobility and eventually dies. And there is only one way to know if the hog has it, that is, to do a necropsy (autopsy for animals). There has been at least one case here in the Philippines that has been found during a necropsy. And that hog had come from a breeder. Unfortunately, we don’t know who the breeder is. So PLEASE take care in selecting your breeders, and make sure that their line is clean. Thank you.

Video (c) Mike Shafai

"In celebration of Pinoy Hedgehog Lovers, Quills and Needles, and Quilly Quarters first anniversary, we are holding a photo contest for all members of Pinoy Hedgehog Lovers. This is our way of giving back to the community that has helped us so much since we started. Through the three pages, we were able to reach other hedgehog lovers like us. Thank you so much for all your support. Here’s to more years of building connections and helping people and animals alike. - Kyte and Siege"

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To Nala, the bunny who defied the world:

From the moment I laid eyes on you, I fell in love with you. You were not Siege’s first pick but you were mine. You were the first one I took out of your cage (without the approval of the shop owner), and I never let you go even after we considered other bunnies. I held you in my arms on our way home even when we were provided a box carrier. I knew you’d have a special place in my life.

You can’t imagine the trouble you’ve caused me. My life went upside down because I defied an order not to take in anymore animals. But I felt like you were worth all the sacrifices, and I was right. You were the sweetest, smartest and most special bunny I’ve ever met. You were everything I’ve ever wanted in a bunny, and more.Everyone who met you just fell in love with you. You’ve touched my life in ways you can’t imagine.

You didn’t bend to what society demanded of you. You questioned the rules I’ve set you, you’ve defied the norms of normal rabbits. You lived life the way you wanted to, ate what you wanted, acted how you wanted, looked how you wanted.  You weren’t just a bunny. You were bigger than life. And I’ve always loved that about you. 

I can’t begin to tell you how much I will miss you. I miss you already. There won’t be anymore bunny french kisses. No more chasing around and pushing your fat face away when I’m having meals. No more biting on my butt when I don’t pay you attention. No more jumping on my lap to demand pet and cuddles. No more bunny belly smooshes. No more bunny dress ups and pictorials. No more bunny wake up alarms that involve hair nibbling, chest pawing and body trampoline. No more mind boggling habits that defy bunny logic. I don’t have to wonder anymore why you want to eat my porkchop, or why you’re trying to nibble on the loose quills I’ve collected or why you’re ignoring the fruits and veggies I’ve given you but chase after me when I’m eating chocolate cake. Everything about you was so silly but so adorable.

And now I have to say the last of my goodbyes. Thank you for all the happy memories. Thank you for all the goofy and silly things you’ve done to me and with me. Thank you for sharing your short life with me. And thank you for reviving for just a few seconds after I’ve given you CPR just to give me a nose twitch and a bunny smile. I will never forget you. You will always be Nala, my kitty bunny, who made the world smile.

I’m sorry I have not been able to update. It’s been crazy around here. 3 moms gave birth. The first one, Luna went batshit crazy when she gave birth and tried to kill her hoglets. I saved 5 out of 7, 3 were wounded but they are healed now. She accepted them back when she calmed down and has been a great mom since. The other first time mom, Spring, gave birth the day after to an underdeveloped litter. I only managed to save one coz she ate them as soon as they were out. The hoglet was too small, had underdeveloped hindquarters and made gasping noises instead of chirps the first few hours. It was also kind of goopy. His first week was kinda hard coz he was very fragile and weak. But I was also able to save it and it’s still alive now, even though it’s just 13g now at 8 days old. His hindquarters also caught up to his body and he’s healthy now, albeit too small for his age. The last mom, Autumn, was a second time mom, but like the first pregnancy, there was also just one hoglet and it was way too big, the labor was hard and long and it died during delivery, possibly from suffocation (the face was purple by the time it was out). The stillborn hoglet was bigger than the biggest hoglet we have now at 9 days old. We fostered the two boys from the Luna’s litter to Autumn and she accepted them happily and has been taking care of them like her own.

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